All Chocolate Kitchen, Geneva, IL

This is a not-to-be-missed place to get your sweet tooth fix in the western Chicagoland hamlet of Geneva, IL (not to be confused with the WI resort community of Lake Geneva). It seems the driving force of this establishment, without a doubt, is Chef Alain Roby - a world famous and renowned pasty, chocolate, and sugar expert.

We stopped in for $10 gellato pints, but they have something for all sweet teeth.

We chose "Cool Mont" and "Cookies n' Cream". The latter was out of this world.
Easily some of the prettiest truffles I've ever seen.

They have a pretty "sweet" tree sculpture in the middle of the place, made of chocolate. It's quite the sight, but not for eating... I learned the hard way and then they pointed out the sign below. Whoops!

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Victoria said...

must go there!!!


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