2014 New Year's Resolution

I started out with this "funny" list:
1. Get this list done on time next year
2. Grow my hair out long like Jesus.
3. Go to the MN state pie-eating finals.
4. Spend more money...for the economy.
5. Ride a bike.
6. Cut off terrible hippie hair.
7. Everyone knows #7 is a freebie that doesn't mean anything, so I'll say... date someone funny like Kristen Wiig or super sassy like Sara Bareilles.
8. I forget what eight was for...
9. Be thankful.
10. Uhh, I've been making these up since #3, no mas.

But after thinking about it a bit more, I have come up with a single idea based on 2013. To review, 2013 was a very fun year of "firsts". Regular readers will have seen the pics of these firsts all year long, including, a trip to the NorthShore (MN), a trip to the NorthWoods (WI), and all manner of restaurants, outings and fun deals.

So, my resolution for 2014 is simple, continue to seek out and accept adventures that get me more "firsts". It's kind of easy to say that having done it for much of 2013, but I think that's ok. There will be some easy ones, go to a movie with a co-worker, change cellphone companies, make a date with someone new, but maybe some hard ones... maybe sky-diving? Spelunking? What about getting Lasik done on my eyes? Who knows what will come up, but I will have this helpful, nagging thought in the back of my mind all year. 

With that already in mind, I had a fairly good-sized first already this week. I drove my car right onto a frozen lake. While driving on frozen lakes is fairly common here in MN, I'd never done it before, or realized it's possible only a few miles from my residence. At my local Bush Lake, I drove on and off at two different spots. Mind you, I didn't have much reason to be on the lake for long, not owning ice-fishing gear, so it didn't even take much time... I did it on my way home from work.

More of these to come...

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