am i psychic?

I ask this question based on a recent interaction at a local restaurant: You be the judge though...

Sitting at the bar I noticed a few of the employees milling around and felt like I was getting something from one... at least enough to tell her I was going to play psychic. As most people do, she seemed fine with it, perhaps even interested. So I began telling her what I was "getting"...

My first guess was that she had two brothers, correct. 1/1

Second guess was that one was older and one younger, correct. 2/2.

She seemed a little shocked and perhaps more interested and asked me to tell her if she had children. I said no, but she said she had two daughters, 2/3. But, in my mind I hadn't really said I was getting anything to offer about kids. I asked if they were twins and she said "no", 2/4.

After a little bit of time and thinking about what I was getting I had two more thoughts.

Her father doesn't really know her daughters (I thought b/c he might have passed away)...and she opened her eyes wide and said yes, 3/5. I didn't get the reason, but it sounded like he was alive and the story pretty complicated.

Next was that she was in love with someone, but it was not with the father of her children, correct. 4/6. She said she might be working out/figuring out relationships with two men. I said one was a man she works with. While it wasn't a man at the restaurant, it is someone she records music with, 5/7.

A bit more time went by, but I got something about Paris. I thought she might have traveled there. She had not traveled there but was looking into to travel there to record music... maybe I get a half. 5.5/8. She also seemed a little shocked I could bring it up.

I said I'd never had thoughts that look forward, nor this good of a run. She indicated someone else had told her that her aura was very strong and I actually had to agree. I'd never latched on to a stranger like that before. Latched on as a normal creep/stalker, sure...but not b/c I was getting so many impressions.

I left it alone from there but introduced myself and said goodbye as we left. Sarah gave a firm handshake and thanked me for visiting. No free drinks though, nuts.
So, what do you think? Should I work on honing my skills? Or maybe don't quit my day job just yet?

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Kylie said...

You might be psych-ish? Sometimes I think I am too but maybe it's probably just a strong sense of intuition? Maybe if you keep it up you can hone your skill and get apart time gig reading palms? :)


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