Freestyle Frozen Yogurt, Hudson, WI

Did you know there was something new in frozen yogurt? I didn't, but was happy to be introduced to this place. Everything is self-serve and sold by weight. You can choose from about a dozen flavors and ~50 toppings. If you don't like what you eat, it's your own fault.

The location is also unique (surfboard tables) and family friendly (dance floor in the back)...they even give out free bracelets for kids and adult kids. Lastly, you can choose to "freestyle" your price and potentially get all of it for free. You don't see that very often.

This place is a win and a must-stop if you're in Hudson or St. Paul.

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Victoria said...

nice! sounds a but like our new place, menchies. next time u are in town we shall go :)


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