Why Meetup in MPLS Sucks

These are the most recent new meet-ups for MPLS that I got in my inbox, based on user-defined choices, or so they would have me believe. The suck part comes in when I'm a single guy that moved here on my own... or they just suck on their own merits.
New Meetup Group: Let's Make a Collective Theatre Company!‎      [stab me with a prop knife!]
New Meetup Group: Twin Cities Packers Fans‎      [puke]
New Meetup Group: The Minneapolis Viking Offiser's Club‎      [barf]
New Meetup Group: Laughaholics‎      [who doesn't love to laugh!!!!????]
New Meetup: Make New Friends Meetup in Minneapolis‎      [hard to get the gumption to go alone]
New Meetup Group: 1001 Things You MUST try BEFORE YOU DIE!!!!       [nah, KMN]
New Meeting New People Meetup in Hopkins‎      [wha?!]
New Meetup Group! Meetup St Paul /Maplewood Divorced Men     [It hasn't gotten this bad/sad yet... and St. Paul is far anyways and I'm not divorced]
New Meetup Group: Married Twin Cities Couples over 50      [I'm bookmarking this one for damn sure!] 

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