Auto-matic Trouble.

So here's a pictoral history of my car the last few months. I don't know what's wrong - The neighborhood? My parking habits? I have a stalker? Dumb luck? Anyway you slice it, it's been somewhat costly, pretty unique and, at times, humorous.
1. First time the driver's side sideview mirror was torn off
2. Second time the same mirror was broken, but not fully torn off (currently held on with duct tape... no, not 'duck'... well, one brand is)
3. A night time re-enactment of The Birds (Pooping)
4. This is a new one... I can only hope it wasn't the birds again. It's an odd way to start your day as you get into your car. Please note: this was taken *inside* the car, the responsible party had to write it backwards from the outside... skills

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