Blue Plates Special.

During last month's travel back to IL, I was able to snap some sweet license plate shots during my 1000+ miles of driving. I thought I would post them for your viewing pleasure. And if you don't like them, at least pretend.

I don't know which one is my favorite (I don't usually have favorites). I will tell you that LENDOG 3 was a younger guy wearing no shirt while driving - always a sign of quality. I also wonder if there are two to three other LENDOGs in IL. LENDOG, LENDOG 1, LENDOG 2, and do they all know each other? Do they have a club and club meetings and pay dues?

SPANK IT, in the Corvette... was a spank. The only people that buy Corvettes are middle aged (dudes) who can finally afford one and who's wives let them buy it.

PRAYD 4 is one I appreciate the creativity of, but also wonder if it means they were prayed for and have many blessings OR they actually prayed for a Porsche Cayenne SUV. If it's the latter, they should have chosen SPANK 3 for their plate. (see how I combined the first two plates?)

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