Turning Japanese, #3.

Kiyomizu Temple grounds

their famous veranda - as I understand it, "taking a leap" from this veranda is a phrase that means to do something risky or out of faith. it's a big risk, you can't predict the outcome, but you do it anyways

don't look down, it is a pretty big leap

that same veranda from another viewpoint

Kiyomizu means "pure water". there is a very pure source in the mountains with three streams, which now stand for health, wealth, and wisdom. drink from all three streams and you'll be granted those. Thirsty?

the cherry blossoms were just about to burst out

shogun's castle - very cool place

even a shogun needs a pretty garden

and two, not just one, moats (inner and outer)

Golden Temple grounds, truly gilded temple

not a huge place, but def very shiny

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