Results, Poll #65, Valentime's Day Spend.

Wow, some cheap SOBs in the t.c readership. Or perhaps you spoil your boo all year round? Sure, that's it.
Here's what y'all chose:

> 2 people (25%) chose '$1-$10' - so, you got them a card? Did it at least play a song or recorded message? It did? Don't tell me you used your own voice to sing something, gross.
> 0 people (0%) chose '$11-$25' - C'mon, this is like some nice candy or some flowers. Really, no one?
> 0 people (0%) chose '$26-$50' - not even one?
> 1person (12%) chose '$51+ - seriously now, either I'm interested to know what made you fall in love so hard or what you did that made you think you needed this to make it up so bad? But either way, you're the big spender on t.c
> 1 person (12%) chose 'It's Valentine's Day - S&^%T!!' - Caught off guard again by Valentine's Day... it happens every year. Uhhh, it's called Outlook or Google Calendar, check it out. Could save you some unnecessary bruising. Yes, I know she hits you.
> 4 people (50%) chose '$0' - aww, so aweet. Not even some chalk-flavored hearts? Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
New poll about kissing up now. XOXOX

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