Discuss, Poll #41, Hallow's Eve.

Just seeing what the typical t.c reader does for Halloween. I could be way off - I feel that guys don't really get jazzed about dressing up, but girls do. Let's see if I'm right.

Of course, if you have a sublime costume idea you're willing to share, let's hear it. If it's almost free to create/make, even better. And no "Slutty _____" ideas... those are too easy.


.mk. said...

to the voter from mid-Sunday night: i deleted the first issue of the poll, please recast your ballot.

eakoster said...

i have 2 awesome ideas. sadly can only take credit for one: 1) for the kids, milk carton, made from a card board box with a wrapping paper tube as a straw. (that one won me contests as a kid, of course i was a chocolate milk carton) 2)for anyone, year book, made from poster board with arm holes and a sharpie to allow others to sign you. enjoy!


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